California Adventures Fights Pollution With a Classic Approach

Everyone loves Volkswagen Buses, right? Well, Los Angeles-based tour company 'California Adventures' is taking their VW vehicles to a new level of cool!

The Los Angeles area has been known for decades as one of the worst U.S. regions for pollution, smog, and other environmental issues, but as one of the first tour operators in LA to concentrate on sustainability and eco-friendly activities, California Adventures will soon be able to say that it will no longer contribute to the pollution problem. The company has already converted one of its highly-coveted vintage 23-window VW Kombi buses into a fully electric vehicle. A similar 23-window VW bus, also from 1965, is in the process of being converted to an EV as well.

These ultra-cool historic vehicles are used for surf and sightseeing tours of some of the most famous Southern California landmarks. They are also available for rent and have participated in numerous music videos, photoshoots, events and advertising campaign for Guess, For Love and Lemons, Torrid, Coco and Eve, Arena and many more. VW bus models are already rare, but turning them into EVs makes them truly extraordinary. On top of that, it's a great way to recycle batteries from broken electric vehicles and keep the batteries from harming the environment. It also helps keep the VW bus legacy alive.

The owner of California Adventures, Marina White, hopes other businesses will follow the company's lead and start shifting towards sustainability. She is also currently working on a new line of clean, environmentally-friendly sunscreen line that is 100% organic and not harmful to the ocean or its reef with all of the sunblock's packaging being made of recycled biodegradable materials. "My desire to run a business goes well beyond making money. My goal has always been to serve a bigger and better purpose. Having fewer cars and boats polluting the environment might look small on the world scale, but if another company looks at what we're doing and implements the same strategy, and thousands of our clients do the same, I believe it could start changing the overall situation, and our world will get a little bit cleaner and better," White says.

Another example of the company's commitment to sustainability is its unique Duffy Boat tour experiences. Thanks to the boat's old-world charm, you would never know that the stylish and elegant vessel is fully electric. That means the Duffy Boat tours are never polluting the air or the water while taking guests on amazing explorations of Marina del Rey harbor. Guests get incredible glimpses of luxury boat houses and yachts, sea lions, birds, and other wildlife. Also, the hand-selected wines and specially-crafted charcuterie board served on the Duffy Boat tours are on the side of sustainability. They don't use any plastic or single-use things for the tours. Everything is washable and reusable.

California Adventures is one of the fastest-growing tour operators in the Los Angeles area. It's a family business opened by Marina and Stephen White. It started as a surf school called Fun Surf LA, which was named the #1 Surf experience in the world by Airbnb. Fun Surf LA has become a top rated, awarded surf school and hosted events for Google, Snapchat, Facebook,, and many other well-known companies. Right now, California Adventures offers a variety of activities in Los Angeles.


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