Animals Helped Bill Find Himself!!


"Uncle Bill's Animal Tales - Life Lessons for Adults" is a book of humorous and heartfelt stories on how animals are our best teachers and healers.

(They don't care who you voted for!) They live in the day. They teach us unconditional love and independence. They also show us how important the cycle of life is, in the present moment, and in death. How can we not love them up?!

The animals that have come into Bill's life over the years have helped him to grow as a human being, and assisted him in getting clean and sober. They have made him smile, and opened his heart when life seemed almost unbearable.

dog spelled backwards is God for a reason!

He has been a screenwriter and playwright living in Boston and Los Angeles for many years, and no matter what he sold, had produced, been paid for, coming home to his animals was always the highlight of his day, bringing him peace of mind and clarity.

The book is a feel good account of how a man was blessed to receive messages from animals, no matter how crazy they appeared to be.


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