New Hampshire Maple Month: From Tree to Table

From the local sugarbush to your table, take part in New Hampshire Maple Month this March. In addition, the New Hampshire Maple Producers Association is celebrating 80 years of educating the public and promoting the maple industry in the Granite State and beyond.

Local maple producers all over the state will host open houses to share their sweet products and show-off the maple-making process throughout the month, but especially on Maple Weekend March 18 and 19. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience one of New Hampshire's most beloved traditions as local producers offer demonstrations of the boiling process, as well as giveaways and sales of products like syrup, maple popcorn, candies, cotton candy, ice cream, and more.

"From backyard kitchen producers to those with a hundred-thousand taps, we all share a common passion for this New Hampshire tradition dating back centuries," said Andrew Chisholm, President of the New Hampshire Maple Producers Association. "Our Association has grown significantly in 80 years. Working together, all of us can contribute to the New Hampshire maple industry, ensuring we pass down this proud tradition for future generations."

Maple producers have been busy getting their trees tapped and lines run and now are getting into collecting and boiling. While it's never a sure bet what the season will bring, the summer of 2022 was not as dry as the summer of 2021 and this winter has had some cold nights, both of which are good for maple-producing trees.

Maple is one of the top ten agricultural crops produced in the state*, and, in 2022, New Hampshire produced about 3% of the United States' total maple crop.** While sugarbushes produce sap for maple syrup during the maple season, all year round they contribute to a healthier environment, are habitat for many animals and birds, and provide recreation opportunities for people.


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