The Traveling Wilburys Revue will be traveling to Cali to bring us some sunny times with classic hits like "Here Comes The Sun"

Don't miss the revue of other wonderful songs "Like A Rolling Stone," "Don't Bring Me Down" so come on down to the Canyon Club

The Traveling Wilburys never performed live, but now is your chance to see The Traveling Wilburys Revue bringing the supergroups music to the stage at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills on March 3.

Seasoned professionals - Tom Finch (George Harrison), Mark Burgess (Tom Petty), Chris Sanborn (Roy Orbison), Steve Love (Jeff lynne), Jeff Kaplan (Bob Dylan), and on drums Chris Lockheed will be re-creating the magical music from those brief moments when the band originally united.

At the invitation of George Harrison to all the other superstars to 'get together and write some songs' came mega-hits like "Handle With Care," "End Of The Line," "Last Night," and many more.

Not only will you hear Wilburys music, but the band will also treat the audience to music by each individual artist. Songs like "Here Comes The Sun," Won't Back Down," "Pretty Woman," "Like A Rolling Stone," "Don't Bring Me Down," and more classic tunes that everyone knows and loves.

Fans can finally experience live the Wilburys music that rocketed the world to the next dimension.

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