Introducing Chickensalt

The Adelaide Band Bringing A Unique Flavour To The Rock Scene

Chickensalt, a four-piece blues/hard rock band from Adelaide, South Australia, has released their debut self-titled EP. The release follows the success of their debut single "Hot Damn" which was released in October of last year. The band is made up of Ash Jewers on vocals, Luke Walters on guitar, Morris Ewings on bass, and Alex Parker on drums. Chickensalt formed during the COVID pandemic lockdown when Luke Walters switched from playing acoustic guitar to picking up his Fender Telecaster.

Prior to forming Chickensalt, the members were part of an acoustic rock project called Dirtyfrank. The band had just released an album and had a tour lined up when the COVID pandemic hit, forcing them to re-evaluate their approach to music. The name Chickensalt was inspired by their hometown of Adelaide, South Australia, where the seasoning was invented. The seasoning has a flavor of its own, just like the band's unique sound. Chickensalt even sells their own seasoning as part of their merch.

Chickensalt is hoping to gain attention and followers in the United States, as they believe their music would fit well in the rock scene. They hope to bring attention to their Bandcamp page and streaming platforms and would love to travel to the US one day. The band has much more music on the way and is excited to see what the future holds.

Listeners can find Chickensalt's music on popular streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. The band's Spotify artist page provides a convenient platform for fans to discover, listen to, and stay up-to-date with their latest music releases and news. Meanwhile, their YouTube channel features music videos, live performances, and other content related to their music. Listeners can also visit their Apple Music artist page to view a list of their available songs, albums, and singles.

With the release of their debut EP, Chickensalt is excited to build their brand as artists and share their unique sound with the world. Their music combines elements of blues and hard rock to create a sound that is uniquely their own. The band's debut EP is a promising start to their career, and listeners can look forward to much more music from this talented group in the future.


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