Senator Rubio Introduces Bill to Close Indoor Smoking Loophole and Make Every California Hotel Room Smoke-Free



February 16, 2023

Senator Susan Rubio (D-Baldwin Park) has introduced Senate Bill 626, which will protect guests and employees of hotels and motels from the dangers of secondhand smoke exposure by closing the loophole in California’s indoor smoking ban that currently allows smoking in up to twenty percent of hotel rooms and motel rooms.

“Every guest and employee across California is entitled to a safe, smoke-free hotel or motel stay,” said Senator Susan Rubio. “California led the nation in the 1990s when it passed laws banning indoor smoking. But, that ban contained a loophole allowing every hotel and motel in California to decide for themselves whether to allow smoking in their rooms. We cannot allow the health and wellness of families, children, and teens to be determined by large corporations. In 2023, it’s time to close that loophole and make every hotel room and motel room in California smoke-free.”

The dangers of secondhand smoke exposure are well-known. According to the CDC, approximately 2.5 million people who did not smoke have died from health problems caused by secondhand smoke exposure since 1964. Seven states and over 250 local governments have passed laws prohibiting smoking in 100 percent of hotel and motel rooms, and many major hotel brands have voluntarily adopted smoke-free policies.

Senator Rubio has been a legislative champion in the fight against Big Tobacco since joining the State Senate. She authored Senate Bill 538 in 2019 to help educate teachers and parents about the dangers of electronic cigarettes and co-authored Senate Bill 793 in 2020 to ban the sale of flavored tobacco products in California.


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