1st online international Painting and poetry competition draws inspiration from ancient Pythian Games in Modern Times


February 16, 2023

The first poetry and painting online international competition was launched by Shri Ram Niwas Goel, Hon'ble Speaker, Delhi Legislative Assembly, at the launch ceremony of the Delhi Pythian Council in the presence of H.E. Yiannakis Makridis, Deputy High Commissioner for Cyprus, the Indian President, Shri B.H. Anilkumar, IAS, and many other important dignitaries.

Bijender Goel, founder of Modern Pythian Games, said that Modern Pythian Games is launching the first international poetry and painting competition for poets and painters. It is being launched on an experimental basis, and the idea is to use modern Pythian Games to reach each poet, painter, and other artist at the grassroots level. Now the artists can participate in the international competitions by sitting in villages, and they will be able to earn through this concept in the coming years. They need to register themselves at http://www.pythiangames.org and participate.

This is an effort to bring all artisans under the single roof of Modern Pythian Games and make revolutionary changes in artisans' lives. The idea of modern Pythian games is spreading around the world like wildfire, making it the first cultural movement in history. The presence of foreign diplomats today is a great example of this.

He added. "It is the beginning of a new era for artisans, cultural activists, and traditional game players," he added. Modern Pythian Games will be a gateway for them to establish themselves as celebrities in various arts categories (music, dance, poetry, painting, fashion, culinary, ecology, architecture, robotics, graphic design, traditional games, and martial arts) at an international level, promote tourism, and strengthen the economies of respective member nations. "We will start cultural education programs and establish global awards in every art category."

Mr. Panos Tsafos, First Secretary of the Embassy of Greece, read the message from Greek Ambassador H.E. Demetrios Ioannou and delivered his speech on his behalf, extending full support and cooperation to the Modern Pythian Games. The other diplomats were Col. Mohammad Tuhtanazarv, Uzbekistan; Mr. Fotoglou SYROS; Col. Georgios Rimagmos; Ms. Vasiliki TSIANA from the Greek Embassy; and Ms. Oyun Batskukh from Mongolia. The Modern Pythian Games were also supported by Dalip Singh, IAS, Sanjay Kumar, IPS, Narender Kumar, IAS, Major General B.K. Sharma, and Sqn. Ldr. RTS China, who were all at the launch ceremony.

Modern Pythian games are to arts, culture, and traditional games what the Olympics are to sports. The Pythian Games and the Olympic Games come from the same Greek land; both existed in the same era and were discontinued together in 394 A.D. Modern Olympic Games were reinstated in 1894, and the founder, Mr. Bijender Goel, reinstated modern Pythian Games in 2022.


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