Mayor Bass Issues Statement On $50 Million Inside Safe Funding Approval

Mayor Karen Bass issued the following statement today after the $50 million for her Inside Safe initiative was approved. Inside Safe is a citywide proactive housing-led strategy to bring people inside from tents and encampments for good, and to prevent encampments from returning.

Our city is in a state of emergency because we have more than 40,000 people sleeping on our streets every night. The approval of the $50 million will help pay for some of the cost of short-term interim housing in motels and hotels first, as well as assisting with the cost of transition to permanent supportive housing. This works in partnership with the County's mental health and substance abuse services, and we look forward to continuing to lock arms with them. Already, more than 200 Angelenos have been moved inside. Now, we have to work to ensure they make it to permanent supportive housing. This is a crisis and we must act urgently.


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