"California's Forgotten Children"

A Shocking Expose of the Dark World of Child Sex Trafficking


February 9, 2023

Child slavery is a global crisis, and the United States is no exception. Thousands of children are being sold into sexual slavery in the United States every year, and California is one of the largest hotspots for domestic and international trafficking due to its large population, international borders, and metropolitan regions.

California's Forgotten Children brings to light the heartbreaking stories of young girls and boys who have fallen through the cracks of the foster care system, abusive homes, and fake promises, and exposes the shocking reality of what life is like as a commercially sexually exploited child. The film proves that no child is immune to exploitation, regardless of ethnicity or financial background.

California's Forgotten Children is not only a film, it's a movement. The film has reached thousands of people globally, raising awareness about the prevalence of child sex trafficking, mobilizing change within communities, and inspiring education reform. The film's impact has been recognized by the US Senate and the United States of Women Summit, encouraging policymakers to create laws and policies to combat trafficking.

The film has been screened at 19 film festivals, including the Soho International Film Festival and the California Film Awards, and won several awards, including Best Documentary, Best Director, and Rising Filmmaker. It has also been screened at Facebook headquarters in California, Texas, and Dublin, Ireland to train international staff in protecting at-risk people.

California's Forgotten Children is a call to action. Let's put an end to commercial sexual exploitation and not leave any child forgotten. The film empowers survivors on their path to freedom and gives viewers the tools to combat this epidemic.

California's Forgotten Children arrives on Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and Google+, on February 12


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