A California-Based Creative Agency Finds Another Lead Generation Channel with DesignRush Marketplace

63% of marketers cite lead generation as their key challenge, as per Demand Gen Report. It urges businesses to rethink their strategies and find creative ways to win the attention of their future buyers.

In search of lead generation opportunities, Digital Ink, a creative agency based in Carlsbad, CA, has subscribed to DesignRush Marketplace to find clients and projects that fit their offerings and core values.

Digital Ink President Aaron Wells shares that the agency started acquiring quality leads after joining the Marketplace, which led them to subscribe to the platform to leverage its full potential.

By subscribing to the Marketplace, Digital Ink improved its sales cycle with qualified leads from the USA to Africa.

"We have a vast range of offerings and industry coverage, so we generally bid on everything that comes our way," said Wells. "We have bid on industries such as Alcoholic Ice Cream to Medical Manufacturing. We have had clients from the USA to Africa. Currently, the main services required from the bids that we have been successful on would be Market Research, Branding, Website Design/Development, and PPC."

So far, their most successful project has been a start-up men's fashion company - a project that turned into a long-term partnership the company enjoys.

"We successfully won a start-up men's fashion company based out of Cypress that was looking to break into the North American Market," said Wells. "We started from scratch with them, understanding the product line and the story behind the company. We completed a successful market research plan, and then developed their brand for the American Market. This included Marketing Strategy, Brand Book, eCommerce Website, Video and PPC. They are now a long-term client of ours and we enjoy partnering with them."

Wells recommends the Marketplace and states that it has been another arrow in their bow for lead generation.


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