"Networking California for Sickle Cell" Care Reduces ER Visits, Saves Lives, and Lowers Health Care Costs

Historic network comes together for the first time in-person to celebrate significant progress in improving the quality of life for California adults living with Sickle Cell Disease


February 9, 2023

Today, Networking California for Sickle Cell Care (NCSCC) announced that it successfully reduced preventable hospitalizations of adults with Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) by 20% and total length of hospital stays by 50%.[i] Before NCSCC was established in 2019, California spent more than $162 million annually on sickle cell related ER visits and hospitalizations. Early data demonstrates that once NCSCC has reached full capacity, it will save the state between $80 to $100 million per year.

"The level of difficulty for patients to access Sickle Cell Disease care three years ago was unacceptable – it was quite literally costing lives. Today, patients have access to 12 specialized clinics in their local communities. As a direct result, we're reducing the number of preventable ER visits and hospitalizations, saving state resources and most importantly saving lives," said Diane Nugent, MD, Founder and President, Center for Inherited Blood Disorders. "We owe an immense thank you to those involved in helping us shape NCSCC into a robust, and sustainable, model of disease management."

NCSCC convened its second annual clinician meeting and reception on February 10 to honor the accomplishments thus far in establishing the state's first and only network of comprehensive adult SCD clinics. The reception brought together clinic leaders, physician assistants, community health workers, patients, legislators, and health policy stakeholders to recognize NCSCC and how its model of care has saved the state millions in health care dollars while ensuring adults living with SCD are finally provided equitable care.

For the first time, patients are being included in decision-making and that's what makes NCSCC different. Because of their input in our care delivery, California is now being recognized as a leader. In fact, we're seeing other states follow in our footsteps by creating similar models of care," said Mary Brown, President and CEO, Sickle Cell Disease Foundation. "There's so much progress to protect; we're counting on our state leaders to join us in our pursuit to ensure California adults living with Sickle Cell Disease are neglected no more.


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