Taiwan is Featured Destination on "Inside SoCal"

As faces turned upward toward the illuminated night sky and "The Brilliant Light of the Jade Hare" main lantern took central stage, the world-famous Taiwan Lantern Festival commenced on Sunday, the first time back in Taipei since 2000. Continuing through Feb. 19, 2023, the event celebrates The Year of the Rabbit, incorporating design elements of modern robot modeling technology as well as ancient calligraphy, plus traditional Taiwanese opera music along with hopes for stability, peace, happiness, prosperity, and brightness in the new year.

During the festival and throughout The Year of the Rabbit, Taiwan extends a warm welcome to visitors from California, served daily by direct flights to and from San Francisco and Los Angeles international airports.

Follow Erica Olsen, Emmy Award-winning TV host of "Inside SoCal" for CBS in Los Angeles, as she discovers the best of Taiwan. During her trip, she visits cosmopolitan Taipei, historic Tainan, harborside Kaohsiung and the famous Alishan National Scenic Area, taking in the island's diversity from scenic hot springs to high speed trains and night markets to mountaintop Oolong tea farms. The quintessential lure of Taiwan's sizzling, savory street food cannot be overstated, with popular picks like oyster omelets, pork belly buns, stinky tofu, and papaya milk at the top of everyone's list. Erica will show visitors how to go sightseeing while enjoying gourmet dining aboard the city's first double-decker bus restaurant. Watch the television segment airing on KCAL and KCBS TV on Sunday, March 12, 2023.

Linda Lin, Director of Taiwan Tourism Bureau San Francisco Office said, "We are so excited and grateful to have Erica Olsen visiting Taiwan and bring the best of Taiwan through the screen to every Californian family. We hope to bring the most authentic and memorable experiences to all of you. Come visit our "Vacation Taiwan" campaign website to learn more from influencers' stories, interesting videos and book your next trip. Hope to see you in Taiwan in the future."

Two lucky winners will enjoy an eight-day visit, flights to and from San Francisco included, to the magical island with MW Tours in partnership with Taiwan Tourism Bureau and China Airlines. Find details on the grand prize giveaway from TourRadar, the adventure booking platform, through Feb. 22, 2023.


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