National Love Your Pet Day is February 20

Valentine's Day is February 14 and National Love Your Pet Day is February 20, and there is no better way to celebrate both than with the acclaimed children's book "From the Pocket of an Overcoat" from author and illustrator Robert Vincent.

The book also recently celebrated its first book birthday and the thousands across the country this story has touched.

Available online at Amazon, bn.com, target.com, and at the book's website, maxbuckles.com as well as select bookstores, "From the Pocket of an Overcoat" is based on the real-life story of a cat named Max.

Max was adopted by Vincent's son Matthew from a homeless woman in Dallas who found Max as a tiny kitten and had him in the pocket of her overcoat as she was trying to find him a home. The tale is about an affable cat, Max Buckles, and how he finds himself and his way to a new home – moving from the cozy overcoat pocket of Sally in the city, to the country with Farmer Buckles and his other animals, including four dogs – Sam, Tots, Scotty (who is not Scottish, but is plaid), and Junior Buckles. Along the way, Max discovers a true sense of belonging within his new family. As told through the journey of Max the cat, this is a story about self-identity, acceptance, animal rescue, and adoption.

February is also National Cat Health Month, Pet Dental Health Month, and Spay/Neuter Awareness Month. Furry companions deserve love and attention, so it makes perfect sense to celebrate February and Valentine's Day with a book that can be enjoyed by everyone. It is a great gift for kids, adults, friends, and even for pet lovers to read to their beloved fur babies.

From Valentine's Day to National Love Your Pet Day, February is all about love, companionship, and kindness," notes Vincent. "This book is the ideal representation of those wonderful ideals, and I'm honored to be able to share this beautiful story with the world.

A portion of each book sale will be donated to organizations that promote animal rescue and adoption – The Humane Society, Best Friends, and Alley Cat Allies. Readers and fans of Max Buckles can like and follow the book on Instagram and Facebook, and can also send an email to hello@maxbuckles.com with proof of purchase to get a special Thank You note from Max himself.

Robert Vincent is a children's book author and illustrator, as well as the author of a number of other literary works. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Kathy. Robert and Kathy's son Matthew is a violinist with the Oakland Symphony and Sacramento Philharmonic & Opera. In December 2009, Matthew adopted a lovable black cat named Max. The rest, as they say, is history.


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