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Pro-choice Catholics


January 5, 2023

Dear Editor,

In my former life as a Catholic nun (I left the convent at 27), I dealt with a lot of difficult and controversial issues. But I didn’t really think about abortion at all — until a family member needed one.  

Catholics for Choice has helped me realize that pro-choice Catholics like me aren’t alone — in fact, we’re in the majority. Will you join us today?

The more I examined my conscience, the more I realized I had absorbed the onslaught of messaging from the all-male Catholic hierarchy, which renders the actual person — the one who is pregnant — completely invisible and devoid of dignity.   

As Board President at Catholics for Choice, I’m proud of the work we do every day to encounter, educate, and embolden pro-choice Catholics to speak up and share their story. Will you join me with a gift of $25, 50, 100, or whatever you can to support our work?  

  I became a supporter of abortion rights as a matter of justice. I believe in the work of Catholics for Choice because for nearly 50 years, it’s been a leader among Catholic organizations — one of the few bold enough to speak out about the intersection of Catholic social justice and reproductive justice.  

  Next year, we will have more work to do to restore and expand abortion access across the United States and around the world. It's the faithful thing to do. 

  This holiday season, I hope you will consider a gift to support the work of Catholics for Choice. Visit

With gratitude,  

Linda Pinto 

Catholics for Choice Board President 


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