Culver City Police Shot, Killed Suspect Following Car Chase

Culver City police responding to a domestic violence call shot and killed an unarmed man early Sunday, prompting an investigation by the California Department of Justice, authorities said.

Officers responded to the call around midnight on December 18 and went to the 3800 block of College Ave., “where the husband/suspect was threatening the wife/victim with a handgun,” according to a statement from the Culver City Police Department.

Upon seeing the officers, the suspect fled in his vehicle, triggering a car pursuit, police said.

The suspect’s car crashed into a median near Culver Boulevard and Cardiff Avenue, the man fled on foot and officers chased him, the police statement said.

“Moments later, an officer involved shooting occurred,” CCPD said.

The department did not provide details on what prompted the shooting, how many officers fired and how many shots were fired. It is unclear what happened to the handgun the suspect was holding.

CCPD said the California Department of Justice will investigate the shooting. The department investigates police encounters that result in the death of an unarmed civilian.


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