Freddy Puza Overtakes Denice Renteria for 2nd Place in Tight City Council Race

City Council candidate Freddy Puza received good news from the Los Angeles County Registrar this past week, but the Council race is not over as mailed-in ballots are still being counted daily.

The latest election update show that Puza passed challenger Denice Renteria for the second open seat on the City Council. He also holds a small lead – 228 votes – over incumbent Alex Fisch who moved to third place in the race.

According to semi-official results released yesterday afternoon, Dan O’Brien still tops the field with 6608 votes, followed by Puza with 5828 votes, Fisch with 5600 and Renteria with 5544 votes. The top two vote getters win seats on the council.

Results also showed the other contenders with following totals: Khin Khin Gyi with 1277 and Devin Yaeger with 984.

The latest update also revealed no change in the standings for the School Board race.

Brian Guerrero still leads with 5727 votes, followed by Triston Ezidore with 5582 votes and Stephanie Loredo with 5388 votes, outpacing the fourth place finished by 700 votes. If the numbers hold, these candidates will fill the three open seats on the Board of Education.

Results also show the other contenders with following totals: Darrel Menthe, 4688; incumbent Summer McBride, 4551; Howard Adelman, 4456 votes; and Marci Braun, 3501 votes.

Measure VY – the initiative which would allow 16- and 17-year-old residents to vote in local elections – is gaining some steam but still short by some 300 votes -- with 7277 "no" votes and 6945 votes in favor.

Measure BL – which would reform the city’s license business tax – is slated to pass with 60% of the voters approving it so far.

County Registrar’s officials say more election updates will be released early next week.


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