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To whom it may concern,


November 3, 2022

I feel the need to share that Dan O'Brien, candidate for City Council for Culver City is incredibly responsive and involved with his residents and business owners in Culver City. I felt the need to approach him via email about a month ago to see if he would help us with our new Culver City Cuisine located in 5660 Selmaraine Dr. Not only is located at an isolated/industrial zone, but struggles with a few areas for improvement such homelessness, lighting zones, cleanliness, etc. I was not sure Dan would reply or would be interested in seeing what could be done to help all of the new business in this facility. Not only did he reply in less than 24 hours, but he personally came to our location and walked with me and my business partner to see our areas of concern and improvement. He took the time, he gave ideas and suggestions, he came back and brough the right people to assist and actually gave us hope. He also made sure his words turned into actions and introduced us to Culver City people that are in the process of resolving many of our issues.

Dan is truly a sympathetic, innovative and caring person. He truly cares about the community and understands each point of view. Culver City Cuisine really wishes to share this great man and we wish him the best of luck tomorrow hoping we can have him on the City Council.

Lorena Huerta

Culver City


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