Letter to Editor;

I decided not to run for Culver City Council this year for a few reasons.

In the last election cycle for Culver City Council 2020, I received 2,163 votes which in previous off years would have been a very good showing. However, I was outspent by more than 15 to 1 by the winning candidates that year. I couldn’t compete against the money machines supporting their candidates of choice.

I was told I was a “volatile” candidate and could not win. I asked a prominent Culver City resident why I was considered so “volatile”and the stunning truthful answer was, “Because you tell it like it is!”

So all the people running for Culver City council are going to be campaigning with empty slogans and vague promises to keep our city safe and secure so as not to offend anyone .

My biggest concern is that there are two extremist and hypocritical candidates, Alex Fish and Freddy Puza, hiding in so called moderate democrat sheep’s clothing.

Alex Fisch came in office under false pretenses as an economic moderate. He has hobbled our police department, pushed a hands-off policy on transient camps, and has promoted Upzoning and eradication of single-family housing. Fisch refused to denounce a racist race baiting Mayor Dan Lee when he called “all police racists and bigots” which included our Culver City police.

Freddy Puza was calling for a 50% defunding of police when I was running against him for City Council in 2020. He conveniently doesn’t mention that in his current sanitized campaign literature. Puza would be a continuation of racist race baiting Daniel Lee’s radical policies. Puza wants a hands-off policy on transient camps. He is against enforcing vagrancy laws against drug addicts and mentally disturbed deviants that are destroying our city.

Puza and Fisch want the transient camps in your back yard, not theirs!

My final reason for not running for Culver City council is that I don’t want to dilute the vote against Puza and Fisch.

Infact, I am urging the 2,163 people who voted for me in 2020 to NOT vote for Fisch and Puza!

I just wanted to tell it like it is!

Robert Zirgulis

Culver City


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