Dear editor,

I feel compelled to canvass and support Dan O’Brien and Denice Renteria for the Culver City council race. They are the only candidates that can help turn the course of our city back into a safe community again.

Never before have I felt so horrified by the actions of our current city council majority to let crime increase making our city unsafe. They have taken away the ability of our police to proactively police. Our community is filled with homeless encampments. Our downtown once beautiful is now impassable and our businesses are suffering. Our single-family homes are considered evil and they want to let developers rip them out to build multiple units to make money.

The only two candidates I trust that can turn this nightmare around is Dan O’Brien and Denice Renteria. They are honest and trustworthy and will LISTEN to residents and make decisions based on what will help our city thrive and what will keep our citizens safe. We desperately need their commonsense leadership. I urge you to vote for them to make a positive difference in the future of our home Culver City.

Bonnie Wacker


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