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Dear Editor,


November 3, 2022

I’m writing to voice my strong and unwavering support for Alex Fisch in this critically important upcoming election for City Council here in Culver City. The actions the next council takes on the issues we face as a city; homelessness and our housing crisis, climate change, mobility and transportation and more, will leave a lasting imprint on our city and I am proud to support Alex for another term on our council, to help our city continue to lead our region and state on these issues and more.

When elected officials don’t do what you ask them to do, does that mean they aren’t listening to you, or that your views aren’t represented? In the case of this council’s successful efforts to craft a compliant housing element, one that was reflective of the legal requirements being newly enforced by the State of California, it is clear that many citizens here had it wrong. Thank goodness our council, led by Alex, Daniel Lee and Yasmine-Imani McMorrin got it right. Over vocal and at times furious objections by many in this community, along with clear support from other citizens and groups, the council on a 3-2 vote, adopted a largely compliant housing element, that required little amending to quickly be accepted by the state HCD, on schedule. This deft and shrewd maneuvering left us in an enviable position, unlike 146 other California cities, which because they do not have compliant housing elements are now facing a flood of unregulated development, with out any local control, due to the clearly stated penalty of the Builder’s Remedy. Alex repeatedly warned his fellow council members, and the many citizens demanding that we ‘slow down’ and ‘take a more measured approach’, that this was a serious penalty that would have disastrous consequences here, and he was right. These actions alone are worthy of earning my support, but this is far from all Alex has done for this city, in the face of often ugly and virulent opposition.

I have also heard Alex speak about his position on public safety, policing and homelessness, and amongst all the rhetoric, talking points and noise, his clarity of vision and creativity on this topic are sorely needed. Alex has discussed the idea of expanding our existing small crisis intervention pilot program teams into a city funded public service force, one which could easily be financed alongside our existing Police and Fire, to enhance our ability to engage those in need with well trained case workers. This innovative and compassionate plan could easily be funded by the efficient, elegant and sorely overdue revamping of our city business tax, also on this fall’s ballot, as Meaure BL. I strongly urge you to support this measure as well, to raise revenue almost exclusively from our newest and largest business neighbors, Amazon Studios, Apple and Sony.

I urge you to vote for Alex Fisch and support measure BL so Culver City can continue to progress with vision and leadership.


Michael Ainslie


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