MOVE means we say "SHOVE IT, Alex"

While we do understand that MOVE planning considerations involved such artistic issues as to which pastel traffic paint color to choose, there was zero outreach to Arts District residents to inform us about the consequences of the MOVE traffic program before it went forward.

Alex Fisch’s MOVE traffic scheme, with total lack of driver safety considerations, has created a horrible traffic mess for Arts District residents.

The multi-colored lanes, plus the permanent traffic cone lane barriers are confusing, at best, and an accident waiting to happen.

Residents are forced to start right-hand turn from the left lane and cross into the Bus Only Lane at your own risk. We dread that a resident will get rear-ended or T-Boned by a Culver City or LA Metro bus coming from out of an innocent driver’s blindside when attempting to make right turn into our own neighborhood.

Traffic is often at a total stand-still on Washington from Helms Avenue to Ince, or farther west, since Washington Blvd was reduced from 2-3 lanes in each direction to 1 lane each. The bus and bike lanes are usually totally empty.

This makes no sense. It should not take twenty minutes to get from the Arts District to City Hall – a distance of under 2 miles. Further, it is costing local businesses revenue, as many people no longer choose to come to Culver City for shopping and dining.

As an unintended consequence of the MOVE fiasco that Alex Fisch has imposed upon Arts District residents, Washington Blvd has become a speedway where the Bus Only Lane ends just east of Helms Avenue. Excess speeding has made it very hazardous for residents to walk across Washington Blvd to dine at their favorite Arts District restaurant or to turn onto Washington from a residential street.

We have to conclude that Arts District residents were never seriously considered by Alex Fisch’s MOVE.

By Charles & Susan Deen,

Arts District residents for over 30 years


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