Dear Editor,

Are We Prepared for the Mega-Drought? Let’s make sure we are by electing a local Culver City resident and water expert to represent us on the board of the West Basin water district: Sanjay Gaur.

Southern California has a growing population of over 23 million people. If it we were to try to sustain itself without importing water, the population would have to be less than 500,000. How can Southern California sustain a population of 23 million with enough water for only 500,000? The answer is a vast system of aqueducts that deliver billions of gallons of water annually from hundreds of miles away.

With our major water sources under duress, Southern California is heading for a mega-drought. These challenging times will require deft leadership from elected officials who understand these complex water issues. We need to elect passionate, water-focused leaders with innovative and forward-thinking solutions. One of the principal government agencies responsible for delivering and managing our imported water is the West Basin Municipal Water District.

West Basin has five board members, each elected from a specific geographic region within its service area. We will be voting on the board member that will be representing Culver City and surrounding areas in this upcoming election. Fortunately, we have a candidate that lives in Culver City and is an expert on water issue: Sanjay Gaur! Sanjay Gaur has been working with water agencies for over 20 years to help them come up with solution to challenging water problems that are fiscally responsible, socially acceptable, and environmentally conscious.

Having a Culver City resident and community member, with the experience he has, helping to make the best decisions on our water board would be an asset for all of us. I hope you will consider voting for Sanjay Gaur when you see his name on the ballot. I’m going to vote for Sanjay and I hope you will too!

Todd Miller

Culver City


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