IWOSC's Annual Literary Agents Panel

What writers must know about working with representation in 2022

For our back-to-school program for writers after the summer recess, IWOSC returns with its annual Literary Agents Panel: a candid and thorough discussion of the factors that go into whether a book or screenplay — or an author — gets past the gatekeepers. If you choose the route of traditional publishing, it’s more important than ever to have trustworthy, dependable, and knowledgeable representation to guide your book or screenplay (and you!)

We will concentrate on books as well as film/TV. And through the magic of Zoom, we will include New York agents as well as LA and Southern California-based agents on the program.

Topics for this annual Agents Panel will include:

• How to find the right match between agent and author, and how to get an agent’s attention.

• Do’s and Don’ts: What makes an irresistible query — and what mistakes guarantee a rejection.

• How to build and create the strongest agent relationship, and how often should one get feedback?

• What it’s like after an author is signed — what happens to your manuscript or screenplay AFTER you’ve gotten an agent?

• Do agents edit or work with a writer on their scripts, or do they expect them to be perfect?

• How much time does a book or screenplay have to sell before an agent loses confidence?

• How does a new writer with no major credits approach an agent – and what about first-time writers over 50? Do they even have a chance?

• What today’s authors need BESIDES a good book or proposal (social media, educational/career credentials), in order to get a book deal.

• The trend toward agents and agencies packaging not only TV and film, but book deals as well (this includes developing their own writers and projects in-house rather than accepting outside queries).

AND MUCH MORE – including moderated Q&A from attendees.

Come join us — and tell all your friends who write, or want to.


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