City Council Moves Forward with Plan to Create 'System of Reparations'

The Culver City Council has taken a step toward “making reparations a reality.”

At its recent meeting, the Council unanimously agreed to start an effort to create “a system of reparation designed to narrow the racial income and housing gap in the city.”

City officials said Culver City will work with the California Reparations Task Force to make local reparations a reality, just like West Hollywood which recently approved a Request for Proposal of a Historical Context Study that would guide them in establishing racial equity initiatives,

"Culver City took the next step towards making reparations a reality," Mayor Daniel Lee tweeted after the meeting. "I don't put a high value on agreeing with everyone but I am happy to say the vote was 5-0."

The unanimous vote came roughly a year after the Council approved a resolution acknowledging the racial history of Culver City.

Approved by a 3-2, the June 17 , 2021 Council resolution also “expresses the city’s commitment to rectify the consequences of these egregious policies and practices” and to design a system of reparations.

At its Monday night’s meeting, the council also discussed creating a fund to correct for racial disparities in enforcement of marijuana laws and financial assistance for low-income residents, including people of color, the unhoused, veterans, senior and the disabled.

Afterward, Councilmember Yasmine McMorrin said there is “a lot of power in policy making.”


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