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By Steven Lieberman
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Did the Beatles return, nope it is just The Fab Four in Burbank to delighted fans


August 18, 2022

On August 6, The Fab Four took the stage at the Starlight Bowl in Burbank for their much-anticipated appearance by all of their adoring fans. This show is always a sell-out.

If you close your eyes and listen to The Fab Four sing a Beatles song, you will think that the boys from Liverpool had transported themselves back from the '60's. That's how accurate and authentic their sound is – arguably the world's best Beatles tribute band. And they did not disappoint, as usual.

When you open your eyes, you saw four lads on stage that closely resemble the Beatles, even the musician that plays the part of George Harrison is from Liverpool.

The show included three costume changes representing every era of the Beatles career, including their Sgt. Pepper "uniforms.” Even when the band members chat in-between songs with the audience, they sound like the Beatles.

Each song they played was spot-on. Especially one of their anthems, the song "A Day In The Life" which seems to put the crowd in a very good mood. Everybody had a smile on their face.

Other notable songs they sang are "Hard Day's Night," "Something," among many other great hits.

Since The Fab Four love playing at the Starlight Bowl - the mini Hollywood Bowl - they told the audience that they look forward to performing for them next summer.


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