Police Arrest Motorist on Suspicion of Credit Cards and Paychecks Theft

A traffic stop has landed a driver in prison after Culver City police officers found in his possession 20 credit cards and employee paychecks in other people’s names.

A local officer arrested the driver at 3:20 a.m. on August 3 while conducting a traffic stop for hazardous moving violation, according to the Culver City Police Department. The driver was unlicensed and on probation for burglary.

“The officer’s investigation revealed that the driver had several burglary tools and approximately twenty debit/credit cards as well as several pieces of mail, all in other names,” said CCPD in a Facebook post.

In addition, the police officer found “employee paychecks from a Culver City Business, three tablets, as well as a Bank of America deposit bag with cash and coins,” CCPD said. “The driver did not have any explanation for possessing any of the items located.”

The theft suspect was arrested and booked at CCPD without incident.


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