Covering the President Leaving Los Angeles

Kimie Wagle, age 8

Kid Scoop Media Correspondent

On Saturday, June 11, 2022, my brother and I went to report on the departure of President Joe Biden, at the LAX airport. It took some time getting into the airport. While we were waiting, we saw many amazing vehicles. My favorite was The Beast. The Beast is a special car that the President rides in. It has bullet-proofed windows, doors, and wheels. It is the most secure car in the world. I was excited when I saw the Beast. The weather in the morning was cloudy and cold, but it became brighter and warmer when the president arrived at the airport.

President Biden flew in on a helicopter The President's helicopter (Marine One) is green and very loud. When the President walked on the airport tarmac, many journalists interviewed him. He, then, boarded Air Force One. He waved at my brother and I, and he gave us a thumbs up at the door of Air Force One. I was very happy when he waved to us. We got four M&M boxes that were signed by President Biden. I had a great time there thanks to Kids Scoop Media.

Nadeem Wagle, age 11

KidScoop Media Correspondent

My experience reporting on President Joe Biden at the Los Angeles airport was amazing. My sister and I went with Kid Scoop Media to cover the departure of President Biden aboard Air Force One. While we were waiting to see President Biden, I met reporters and Secret Service and asked them questions. I even made a new friend that worked for Channel Five News. I also got to check out the equipment that the cameramen use.

When I entered the airport, I saw five amazing transportation vehicles. The first one was called "The Beast''. It has bullet proof windows, doors, and wheels. The second vehicles were two Marine One helicopters. Lastly, I saw three large helicopters surrounding and protecting Marine One. The President came out of one of the two Marines One. After he exited the press corps crowded around him. He talked to the press for a while answering their questions.

After he had completed talking with the press, he walked across the tarmac and climbed the stairs to the door of Air Force One. From the door, he gave my sister and I a thumbs up. He entered the plane, and we watched Air Force One take flight. I was able to talk with a member of his entourage. She said that she went everywhere with the president to guard him. I also talked to the Secret Service people. They said they not only guard the president but also celebrities.

The Secret Service people gave my sister and I four M&M boxes with President Biden's signature. I really had a once in a lifetime experience at the airport. Thank you very much to Kids Scoop Media for this opportunity.


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