Opposes Turning Culver City Into High Density Community

Dear Editor,

These council members are trying to turn Culver City into Hollywood, high density luxury rentals replacing our low-density green city. Have you been to Hollywood? It consists of luxury high-rises, homeless encampments, $30.00 parking lots and hardscape. It is an urban heat trap with no urban tree canopy like we have here in Culver City.

Have you even been to New York? It has a mature and robust in place rapid transit district. Still, it has bumper to bumper traffic. We have one expo line and if you have to switch to another bus line, it takes 1 to 2 hours for just local trips.

Fisch, Lee and McMorrin masquerade as environmentalists, when in fact they are stalking horses for wall street investors who want to buy up Culver City and hyper densify it. They want to rip out our trees and turn our city into urban hardscape and a heat trap.

There is nothing we can do until November. Fisch, Lee and McMorrin have run the table, they vote in lockstep in the hopes of bettering their chances for higher office. Daniel Lee is already in his second race for higher office since he started his term less than four years ago. Culver City is merely his steppingstone.

Our chance to save our city is this November election. Join the Common Sense Coalition and bring back local democracy to Culver City. Fisch, Lee and McMorrin do not work for us Culver Citizens, they work for their own future political ambitions. This November let’s vote out Fisch and Lee, and their disciple Freddy Puza.

Stay tuned.

Ron Ostrin

Culver City


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