Radical Plan to Save the USPO

To Save the US Post Office, Fire Louis de Joy, Bring Back Historic Post Offices and Restore the 25 Cent Stamps

By Chuck Levin

To save, preserve and expand the United States Postal Service requires making the post office a national priority. Plus, first firing Louis de Joy.

Now that the dysfunctional board which governs the postal service has new directors firing Postmaster de Joy is - priority one !!

Note to president Biden ...... please, before your next international trip, before you sign your next bill, before your next state dinner, before your next cabinet meeting ...... in other words, immediately please fire Postmaster general Louis de Joy, its past time . However, do continue the investigation of de Joy's conflicts of interest, continue investigating his interference in the 2020 election, the political campaign violations of his previous business and himself, and immediately appoint an interim postal service head so they are in the job immediately with zero delay . Fire de Joy without de lay - that is this message, the nation cant afford him, the USPS cant survive with him .

Moreover, the disasters Louis de Joy perpetrated in the last 3 years must be reversed, we need complete reform and revitalization at the USPS . The following to do list will resurrect and restore this critical essential public entity - the United States Postal Service .

The " list of things to do in the first 10 days " :

1. unravel every single scam, misguided policy & complicit scandal that de Joy perpetrated, plus eliminate all the sinister schemes he contrived which systematically crippled the post office !!

2. introduce legislation immediately to eliminate the failed 51 year disaster which turned our post office into a corporate debacle when instead it should always be as it has been since its creation in the 1700s — a public service, part of our infrastructure, a symbol of the nation, a national treasure.

3. Introduce legislation to make the USPS part of the presidents cabinet, eliminate the inept bureaucratic board of governors, i.e. the USPS becomes part of the executive, just like other government agencies, ( defense, state, interior, transportation, veterans, ) with complete congressional oversight.

President Nixon’s scheme of the last 51 years caused devastating reduction of service, higher postage rates, privitization, exploded annual deficits and debt, debilitating reputation, ruined employee morale, destroyed pride in this beloved historic institution, and tragically working at the post office became a dangerous hazardous job.

And, certainly no picnic for patrons enduring long slow lines, waiting nightime residential delivery, struggling to find an open post office or sidewalk mail box.

“Forever " stamps are a nice product, not supposed define how long it takes to receive mail.

4. Open up the shuttered vintage beautiful historic post offices coast to coast, add more beautiful new post offices, with LEED certified construction and ergonomics .

5. Buy a national fleet of electric delivery trucks, reinstall the automated sorting machines Louis de Joy ordered removed in 2020 .

6. re open, expand and build additional regional sectional center facilities around the USA ( if there are 100, we really need 200 )

7. install bank / credit union ATMs inside the lobby, re-introduce postal banking which we had at post offices 150 years ago .

8. slash PO box rental rates, add more boxes, set post office hours as 9am to 7pm - 6 days, reopen the 24 hour post office at every major city airport .

9. Return all the mail boxes everywhere that were removed and confiscated by de Joy . Expand USPS security at all post office operations and post offices.

10 . residential and commercial mail delivery hours mandated between 10am to 4pm, 6 days, and hire as many letter carriers as required to get it done . Finally, cut the cost of a stamp to 25 cents, which is what it should be . Thats the " list of things to do in the first 10 days ", it will save, preserve and expand our United States Postal Service, and its the right thing to do . . ■


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