Happy Pride Month from Catholics for Choice

Dear Editor,

Happy Pride Month! As a Catholic woman who came out very publicly in a very Catholic space fifteen years ago, I learned the transformative impact of being proud of your queerness and living it out loud.

One the many reasons I was so excited to take the helm at Catholics for Choice was it gave me the opportunity to live out the truth that reproductive rights are queer rights. All of us — whether gay or lesbian or trans or non-binary — are fighting the very same ideology and ideologues that seek to take away bodily autonomy from pregnant people. It’s an ideology that says, somehow, it is a violation of God’s plan to be a woman seeking equal power, or a queer person seeking equal rights, or a pregnant person seeking to choose their own reproductive destiny.

In the same way queer people fought back against rampant homophobia, transphobia, and police violence at the Stonewall Inn back in June of 1969, we continue to channel that passion and righteous anger today as we confront oppressive white nationalist, Christian supremacist forces that seek to take away our freedom.

Nationally, 69% of people of faith support laws to protect LGBTQIA+ people from discrimination. Despite this fact, religion is too often used as a pretext for denying LGBTQIA+ rights. As Catholics, it is vital that we voice our support for LGBTQIA+ rights this June and throughout the entire year.

This Pride Month, Catholics for Choice is joining with a coalition of interfaith partners to launch Faith4Pride. We hope you will join this month-long effort to include the fight for LGBTQIA+ rights in religious services and programs and advocate for The Equality Act, which prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. There are many opportunities to gather together in protest, in celebration, and in advocacy, both virtually and in person.

YOU can take action for LBGTQIA+ rights this Pride Month by finding an event online or near you on our website and urging your senators to pass the Equality Act!

Jamie L. Mason, President

Catholics For Choice


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