Bikini Brawl Goes Viral


The LAPD responded after a 911 call reported a group of people fighting just north of the Venice pier on Wednesday, May 18th.

A video going viral on social media (Twitch has the video); shows one of the women telling a man to stop harassing her and to stop taking pictures of her and the other women with his cell phone.

The man refuses and starts to walk away. As he walks, he insults the bikini clad young females, who had asked him to stop filming.

The video shows the women continue to follow the man as he walks away and a woman is heard saying that she wants the man to stop recording because there are minors in the group.

After a lengthy argument, a brawl ensues after one woman hit a man and then pushed him to the ground. But he fights back, soon joined by other men that can be seen punching and dropkicking the women.

Many spectators witnessed the event from the Venice pier. Bystanders can be seen attempting to break up the fight.

Several suspects were detained by police, who said one woman would be charged with assault.


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