Culver City Kennedy Democrats fund raising yard sale for Ukraine on Saturday and Sunday was an overwhelming success.


Culver City residents participated in funding over 39 medical kits to be sent to Ukraine !

Culver City residents wrote messages on the medical kits which included antibiotics, surgical pads, and other medical items to treat shrapnel wounds.

Some of the messages were; "We pray for Ukraine every day! Stay strong-may life return to normal some day soon.."; Get well keep strong", "H ang in there. Be safe! We're with you! F##k Putin"

Robert Zirgulis has already packed the medical kits in his back pack and will be taking the medical kits, along with a drone, binoculars and other gear to Ukraine via Lithuania after he visits his grand children there.

Image 2979 Robert Zirgulis, President of Culver City Kennedy Democrats; Image 2987: Backpack filled with 39 medical kits!

Contact : Robert Zirgulis 310-486-7408;


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