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Whomever cares about Culver City,


Is the city not sending out parking enforcement on street cleaning days to enforce the No Parking during the posted hours? It seems that is the case on the 4000 block of Huron Avenue. I called the Culver City police and asked the question to which the person that answered replied “I don’t know. Let me transfer you to the Front Desk”. Which brings me to my second thing. When being transferred the automated message said “For English press 1”. If you don’t press 1 the message proceeds in Spanish. So, I ask this question- isn’t English the most common language used in America or is Culver City different?

After begrudgingly pressing #1, I reached another person that did not know the answer to my question regarding the enforcement of the Street Cleaning No Parking signs. This person transferred me to Parking Enforcement to which I was greeted with yet another message to leave a message.

Ah, the answer must be related to Covid, I proffer in jest.

It would be nice, but unlikely, to receive a response from a city official regarding my “couple of things”


Joe Stone

Culver City


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