The Energizer Bunny could likely learn a thing or two from Dr. Janet Cameron Hoult who, on Monday, May 9th, was presented a commendation by the City Council as 2022 Senior of the Year.

She has traveled, lived, and taught all over the world and, luckily for Culver City, where she has been active on many boards and committees, she has resided here since the 1970s. In fact, she told her late husband, Charley, that acceptance of his marriage proposal was contingent upon his moving here.

Culver City has a special place in her heart because "since I first moved here it has been my home base, my place to find support and peace in my church, Grace Lutheran, and by serving our City of Kindness on the Disability Advisory Committee, Landlord Tenant Mediation Board, and Culver Arts Foundation, and as the Artist Laureate for Poetry (now Emerita), which began while I was teaching poetry at the Culver City Senior Center."

Despite some physical challenges, her oft-repeated motto is to "keep on keeping on," something she does with grace and alacrity, and she is already working on her next poetry book. She has authored several books, the most recent one published earlier this year, and generously donates the proceeds to various foundations, charities and scholarships.

Dr. Hoult is a Professor Emerita at California State University, Los Angeles, and it may be that her background as an educator is instrumental in her being so focused on motivating local seniors to keep active and engaged. "I'm fortunate to be living in Palm Court, an exceptional senior residence community in Culver City, and look forward to continuing to write and encourage our older Americans," she stated, and followed up by sharing a poem she composed for Older Americans Month, which is in May:

As you grow older

You have to be bolder

When taking care of yourself

Keep using your mind

And you will find

You can better maintain your health

Community is key

And you can take it from me

Culver City is filled with a wealth

Of activities to enlighten

And very much brighten

Each of your days which is great

So without hesitation

Or undue contemplation

A truth I will definitely state

Is my love for this town

Which brings me a smile, not a frown

And always finds ways to stimulate.

Appropriately, the final WHEREAS in the commendation was a poem: "WHEREAS, the best way to thank and honor Dr. Hoult is with a poem, so we'll say: "Thank you Dr. Hoult for all you do, Culver City is so much better due to you!"

As Walt Disney said, and as Dr. Hoult so ably demonstrates, "Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever." The Observer congratulates her for her many achievements and wishes all seniors a very happy and healthy Older Americans Month.


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