Renteria Seeks Council Seat in November

“I love Culver City, but our city is at a crossroads. We need a City Council that is truly inclusive, that can take on the difficult issues without becoming divisive and a City Council that especially puts public safety first. I believe I can make that happen,” proudly says Denice Renteria, a lifelong Culver City resident who has announced her candidacy for one of the two open seats on the Council this November.

Born to immigrant parents, Denice is a first-generation American who seeks to help build a community with a City Council that is more civil when discussing critical issues and puts greater focus on public safety. Our City Council needs to make decisions that benefit the most without harming large segments of our community. This involves working hard to find the best win-win answer and being open to educating the community to bring maximum support.

Renteria is concerned about the divisiveness in our community and an unwillingness amongst the loudest voices to listen. She hopes to restore the idea of cooperation and civil discourse within the council and during its meetings. “I believe the national political climate has bled into our local politics where nearly everything is a hot-topic issue. It doesn’t need to be this way,” she said. “We just need to recognize our common ground and then listen to each other.”

In addition, Renteria believes safety, something that once attracted people to Culver City, is no longer a priority for the City Council – a casualty of the divisiveness on the dais. “It’s understandable that all individuals have their own ideas about how safety, and especially police, should be managed, but there has consistently been an ineffective ‘all or nothing’ approach taken over the past few years,” said Renteria, discussing the community’s increase in crime. “It is clear that things have changed and not necessarily for the better. Public safety needs to come first. It’s something that affects all our citizens and should not be taken lightly.”

Renteria has always been passionate for Culver City, its history, and its local government. She has been a part of the Culver City Historical Society for 10 years, where she currently serves as the Vice President of Development. She has a great appreciation for the film history of Culver City and her historical knowledge also extends to Culver City’s civic affairs.

Her interest in Culver City government dates back to when she was a student at Culver City High School. This led her to attend meetings regularly for 20 years, and over these years she has witnessed many Councils tackle divisive issues that were prevalent. But nothing over those years can compare to the rhetoric that is occurring now in our Council meetings. Denice has demonstrated her commitment to policymaking and that was recognized when she was appointed to the General Advisory Plan Committee in 2019.

Renteria is passionate about doing more and continuing to serve and hear the citizens of Culver City. “I look forward to the opportunity to serve the community that has given me so much,” Renteria said. “I will work hard to make Culver City a place that every resident can be proud to call ‘home’ and a place where ideas and solutions can be exchanged in a way that gives everyone a voice.”


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