Ukraine Pet Relief

Some volunteers risk their lives to rescue pets amid the looming sound of air raid sirens


April 14, 2022

Ukraine dog rescue volunteers

Since Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24, people have been fleeing the war-torn country, seeking safer shelters. There have been videos and photos of people holding onto their pets amid the war.

Along with a network of volunteers, photographer Nick Tadd has been distributing essential supplies and bringing pets to a shelter on Ukraine-Poland border.

The group has set up a warehouse at Fredropol where food supplies for animals are stored and get picked up for delivery to Ukraine. They have several red vans dedicated to the work.

Tadd has been documenting his work on social media and raising funds.

Along with his teammates, he has been risking his own life while he rescue pets amid the looming sound of air raid sirens. In one of the clips, Tadd is heard saying, "Okay, in the middle of Lviv and we have air raid sirens.

"So, I think this are cue to get moving with the dogs. But, 10 dogs in here and handful of cats in here. So, we need to make way back to the border as soon as we can." Many vet ambulances can be seen in the video.

Tadd also shared a video showing supplies for people and animals in Ukraine. He also showed a packet full of blankets and told a woman had knitted blankets for dogs.

"Yesterday I decided to go to the Polish/Ukrainian border and deliver any aid that I could lay my hands on. So I opened my bank account and gratefully received donations from some really beautiful people."

Ukraine dog rescues

"My mechanic gave his time to get my trailer working properly, and even the Police at the Dover border were awesome – letting me know the what/wheres and whys. I've bought as much water, basic foods, baby food, sanitary products etc as I could carry. But I expect it will not be enough," Tadd wrote on Facebook on March 3.

"We were sorting through supplies that have been donated and found a note - I started to tear up," writes Tadd.

'Beloved, we are sending a few small items for pets. We know that this is a drop in the ocean of help, but we hope it will be useful. If you do not need anything, please bring it to the shelter. We admire your commitment and hard work, but also the heart put into everything you do. We wish you a lot of health and perseverance. Greetings from Silesia, Nicole, Patryk, Diana, Irek, Lili, Maniek, Dorota, Agata, Daniel, Iwona, Adrian, Dominika, Adrian and Justyna.'

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