3 Store Windows Smashed on 5th Street

By David Ganezer, Observer Staff Writer

3.21.22: Two windows and a door in a row of shops was smashed by a homeless man on Friday evening or Saturday morning. The owner of the store, Ahmad Haba, says that he may have security camera footage that will reveal the identity of the perpetrator.

Haba says his windows have been smashed in the recent past, and that it cost him $1200 to replace each window.

He says that his computer and some other items were stolen from his store, which sells cosmetics. He says Santa Monica police are investigating the incident.

According to 2021 homeless count in Santa Monica, the total number of people experiencing homelessness increased by three percent from 987 to 1022. Many of these people suffer from drug or alcohol addictions, with methamphetamine being the most common drug used.


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