Marvel at the stylings of Hall of Famer of the "Guitar Foundation of America" and Grammy award winner virtuoso musician David Russell

On March 18, at the majestic First Congregational Church of Los Angeles, William Jenks, founder of U.S. Classic Guitar, brings GRAMMY award winner and world-renowned classical guitarist David Russell for a solo performance as part of their Los Angeles Guitar Series.

He is referred to as one of the worlds greats because of his superb musicianship and virtuoso artistry. In recognition of his exceptional talent and his international career, Russell was named a Fellow of The Royal Academy of Music in London in 1997. During his studies at The Royal Academy, he won twice the Julian Bream Guitar Prize, and then won numerous international competitions, including the Andres Segovia Competition, the Jose Ramirez Competition, and Spain's prestigious Francisco Tarrega Competition.

In 2003, he was bestowed the extraordinary honor of being made "adopted son" of Es Migjorn, the town of Minorca of Spain where he grew up. Later, the town named a street after him, "Avinguda David Russell, and then was given the Medal of Honor at the Conservatory of the Balearics.

In 2004, Russell won the GRAMMY award for his CD Aire Latino in the category of best instrumental soloist in classical music.

In 2005, he received a homage from the music conservatory of Vigo, culminating with the opening of the new Auditorium, to which they game the name "Auditorio David Russell." Four years later, Russell was named honorary member of "Amigos de la Guitarra," the oldest guitar society in Spain.

A prolific recording artist, his collection includes 17 CDs with Telarc International.

He was inducted into the Hall of Fame of the Guitar Foundation of America 2018.

Russell spends his time touring the world, appearing regularly at reputable halls in cities such as New York, London, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Madrid, Toronto, and Rome.

Audience members are in awe of his musical genius and his love of his craft resonates through his flawless performances. The attention to detail and provocative lyrical phrasing suggest an innate understanding of what each composer was trying to convey.

Upon hearing Russell give a recital in London, Andres Segovia wrote: "My congratulations on your musicality and guitaristic technique."

When Segovia gives a compliment like that, you know you've made it to the big time.


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