Many of Santa Monica's Homeless Are Armed


January 27, 2022

By John Alle

Early Friday morning I met an unhoused person charging his phone on the 3rd level of Garage 4. He gave me his permission to record our conversation. We spoke for 40 minutes, sitting between one filthy water drain and a phone charging outlet. His answers and information corroborate my other interviews with the homeless in our garages.

The following is information he volunteered (that we already know) - -

1) Garages 3, 4 and 6 are the places to charge one's phone. Garage 6 is best because all the stairwells have doors they can hide behind

2) The Dumpster Room of Garage 6 is the destination of choice for gay sex

3) Wilshire Blvd, from the Promenade to 6th Street (at 7-11), and along Broadway, from 2nd to 5th Streets, is where female sex workers find most of their business.

4) 90% of the homeless he sees have made their way to the Garages from Reed Park or Douglas Park

5) Fentanyl is the drug of choice. It can be purchased within 10 minutes for between $2 and $10. There is no need to keep much on hand since it is so readily accessible

6) Meth is the second most popular drug, followed by weed. Some combine with a canister of nitrous oxide, which can lead to a deadly overdose

7) There are 'suppliers' who arrive nightly, then sell it to the homeless

8) Many of the homeless carry 6" knives and sticks for protection. Some (including the man I interviewed) carry a gun, and he had used his gun twice in the last 4 months

9) He had not showered in 5 months. He thought the average for most was 3 to 8 months. (This verifies information provided me directly from others in the Garages

10) Floor drains in the Garages are used most of the time to urinate (and end up in our oceans), and Garage stairwells, elevators and alleyways are places used to defecate.

11) Almost every male and female he knows in the Garages is currently suffering from some type of STD

12) (Again, in his words..) most of the Safety Ambassadors will ask them to move away from storefronts, then walk away and let them stay for 6 or 7 hours.


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