Effort to Recall Lee and Fisch Collapses

The effort to recall Mayor Daniel Lee and Councilmember Alex Fisch has collapsed for lack of interest and voter signatures.

"The proponents of the recall petitions were unable to achieve the number of signatures required to be sufficient," city officials announced this week. "Therefore, no further action will be taken."

Last year, Mark Salkin, a local realtor and attorney, launched the recall effort, stating that Lee and Fisch "are not listening to the community." He formed a formed a citizen group, named Call to Recall, which circulated the recall petitions and collected signatures of registered voters.

But his group failed to collect signatures from 20% of the registered voters in Culver City by the January 15 deadline. The group needed 5,560 signatures for the recall effort to move forward, city officials said.

On Monday morning, Fisch tweeted that the recall campaign "has conceded they cannot collect enough signatures" to get on the ballot.

"I am inspired by all the support you've conveyed and I am excited to move on with the work. Thank you," he added.

Mayor Lee tweeted: "Back to our regularly scheduled program. Very appreciative of supporters who have expressed their opposition to this recall."

In launching the recall effort, Salkin blasted the councilmembers for "silencing their voices" and for their role on rent control, "up-zoning" and the possible elimination of R-1 zoning in residential areas to create more affordable housing in Culver City.

"Contrary to popular belief that increasing density will make homes in Culver City more affordable, the increased density will put a greater strain on the infrastructure of the city," Salkin commented on the latter issue.

The recall organizer also mentioned there is no need to change the current zoning, which has been called "exclusionary because it prevented people of color from buying and moving into the city in the past."

He explained that the old housing covenants – which had barred blacks from certain neighborhoods – were declared unconstitutional by the courts over 60 years ago. "Culver City is a very diverse community today," he added.


Reader Comments(2)

CC1952 writes:

How many signatures did they get? Did they go into other areas of CC? Let the citizens to decide whether to go back to in person Council meetings not the city council.

JeffS writes:

Why is the majority of this article devoted to making the case for the recall which has just failed? Why are the only comments from Fisch & Lee from their Twitter? Please try harder.

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