Orange Cat Found in Beige Chair


January 13, 2022

An orange cat named Montequilla was found hidden inside a donated recliner by employees of an ARC Thrift Store in Denver, Colorado. The employees promptly called Denver Animal Protection, a no-kill shelter run by the city.

Montequilla's humans had brought the chair to the thrift store to benefit others in need. What they didn't realize is that their beloved cat had taken refuge inside the chair, most likely to avoid all the commotion in the house. When they realized that their cat was missing, the family contacted the thrift store. The store directed them to the shelter and pretty soon feline and humans were happily reunited.

Montequlla's family donated a recliner to the thrift store when they were moving. They didn't realize that their cat was hiding inside the recliner. ? ...When Montequlla's family realized that she was missing, they contacted the thrift store who directed them to contact Denver Animal Protection.


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