Boy Scouts Sell Christmas Trees

Local Boy Scout Troop Runs a Christmas Tree Lot on Wilshire Blvd

Despite the fires and the drought, Christmas trees arrived in Santa Monica on time this year. Jerry's Liquor Store's parking lot has been transformed into an urban forest of Christmas trees. And for a few dollars, you can take one home yourself. That's right, a good old fashioned Christmas tree lot run by local boy scouts, right here in Santa Monica. Featuring Oregon grown trees!

For about the 50th year, Boy Scout Troop 2 is conducting a Christmas Tree sale.

"These kids are really terrific. So friendly and helpful and knowledgeable!" says one of the troop moms, Janet McLaughlin. "The boys have to sweep the lot continuously and water all the trees and keep the lot clean. It teaches them good work habits, and also how to talk to the customers and help them develop sales skills."

"I've also worked there quite a bit. We all volunteer our time, so all the proceeds go to pay for summer camp and winter ski trips for boys who could otherwise not afford to go. It's quite an operation. We've had four separate deliveries of hundreds of trees

"The boys cut the bases, and put them in the stands, and carry them to the customer's cars, and tie them on top. Or, they can deliver them later to customers' homes," she explained.

With the supply shortages and trucker shortages as well; we were very lucky to get such a beautiful crop of trees on the lot," she said. "By the way, my son, Lucky Basseri, has the most hours worked at the tree lot of any of the Boy Scouts. First place at 70 hours!" She says.

The Christmas tree lot is located in the former Jerry's Liquor parking lot, at Yale and Wilshire Blvd. It's open 9 am to 9 PM every day during the week leading up to Christmas.



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