Public Health Reports New Covid-19 Outbreaks in LA County

As Omicron cases continue to spread, the Los Angeles County Public Health Department reported that Covid-19 outbreaks rose in every sector its tracks, except skilled nursing facilities, for the week ending on December 17. Public Health also reported 60 new Omicron cases on Monday.

Outbreaks increased by 118% in the education sector, 83% in congregate/group housing, 13% in settings serving people experiencing homelessness, and 24% at worksites/places of worship, Public Heath said this week in press release. Over the same period, outbreaks decreased by 11% at skilled nursing facilities where 84% of eligible residents and 50% of eligible staff have received booster shots.

“Evidence is mounting that for those vaccinated months ago, boosters are necessary to provide the best defense from infection with and transmission of the Omicron variant,” said Dr. Barbara Ferrer, PhD, MPH, MEd, Director of Public Health. “Vaccinations also continue to provide excellent protection from the Delta variant.”

Ferrer added: “The widespread uptake of booster shots at skilled nursing facilities – a result of early efforts to get booster doses to these highly-vulnerable individuals as soon as they became available -- have helped keep outbreaks at lower numbers in these settings.”

The Public Health Department has reported the following Covid-19 totals for Culver City and LA County:

Cases in Culver City – 3245 as of 12/20

Deaths in Culver City – 116 as of 12/20

Cases in LA County – 3258 reported on 12/20, including 60 Omicron cases (1,567,133 cases to date)

Deaths in LA County – 7 reported on 12/9 (27,448 deaths to date)

Currently, there are 743 people with COVID-19 currently hospitalized in LA County and 27% of these people are in the intensive care unit. Testing results are available for nearly 9,500,000 individuals with 15% of people testing positive. Yesterday’s daily positivity rate was 1.4%.

Public Health reminds residents that getting vaccinated or boosted remains critical as holiday traveling and gatherings begin this week.


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