Smash & Grab at Malibu Country Mart

The Malibu Country Mart, was reportedly the scene of a "Smash and Grab" style robbery Thursday afternoon. This according to a post on NextDoor, which reads:

"I was at the Malibu country mart, today early evening around 5pm and just witnessed Sephora get robbed by 4 people - one on the lookout and three women stuffing their bags. It was so brazen it's not to be believed...."

"Called police but nothing they can really do at the moment. Although they said it's good to call because these are happening daily and these small crews tend to hit a few spots afterward so at least police can be on the lookout immediately, but their hands seem to be tied. Welcome to the new LA."

Smash and grab robberies have been reported in the other parts of LA County in recent weeks, including the Grove and Beverly Hills.

Legal experts say these are not technically robberies, but better described as organized shoplifting. The video shows the perpetrators running from the scene with shopping bags.


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