Dog PPL Opens Private Dog Park in DTSM

By David Ganezer

$80 per month buys you and your pooch access to astroturf amidst the City, and even private events.

What do you do with 20,000 square feet of vacant parking lot in Santa Monica? You turn it into a private dog club, of course.

The dogs pay $80 per month to frolic on the astroturf, play with other dogs, eat dog biscuits, and poop wherever they feel like pooping Which of course is every canine's birthright.

"NMS Properties owns the land," explains Liam Underwood, the club's Australian proprietor. "They're in between permits at the moment. So they graciously allowed us to use it as a dog park."

Many people who live in the urban environment that is downtown Santa Monica lack a nearby park to take their dogs to, and privately, safely allow them to frolic on the astroturf. The club fills that need.

"The secret is out! We are Los Angeles' first canine social club. dog PPL is a park, café, bar, and lounge, all in one. We fuse the comfort and safety of a private members club with the community spirit of your favorite dog park," explains the website.

"DOG PPL is for dogs and their humans to enjoy together, meaning you must be inside the park with your dog at all times. Our trained Rufferees can help you relax, but leaving your dog on the premises may lead to a revocation of membership," the website says. It adds that you should not work from the park, mostly, but experience it with your pet.

The park is located on the West side of 5th Street, just North of Santa Monica Blvd. For more information, please visit http://www.dogppl.co (no "M" at the end of that URL). There are private events, some for dogs, and some for people. Some of the latter do involve wine tasting and people snacks, rather than doggie treats. Woof!


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