Water District Looks to Save Every Drop Possible

West Basin Calls On Community To Be Super-Cali-Frugalistic With Water


December 9, 2021

New campaign urges local water saving as drought intensifies across the region and state

CARSON, Calif. – The West Basin Municipal Water District announced its latest drought outreach

campaign, calling on its 17 cities and portions of unincorporated Los Angeles County to be SUPER-CALIFRUGALISTIC with our water.

The campaign call to “Save Water, Save California” highlights how local actions can make a far-reaching

impact. The SUPER-CALI-FRUGALISTIC drought campaign challenges West Basin local communities to be

frugal – in other words, prudent– with their water use in order for all communities to thrive.

“When we use less water as individuals, we preserve limited supplies for our communities and all

Californians during this severe statewide drought,” said West Basin Board President Harold C. Williams,


Historically low allocations of water from Northern California and strained supplies from the Colorado

River - which combined make up nearly 60% of the West Basin water supply portfolio - mean that West

Basin water users must use less to see us through this drought and beyond.

For West Basin, a 15% reduction means actively decreasing water use by 20 gallons per person per day

on average. Overall, district-wide water use is trending downward with a commendable 5% decrease

compared to 2020. The West Basin service area has successfully demonstrated an ability to save water

throughout the decades. However, we can still save more. Together we can reach the current 15%

reduction goal, as West Basin, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and Governor Gavin

Newsom are calling on each of us to do.

In the upcoming months, the SUPER-CALI-FRUGALISTIC campaign will include memorable community

outreach experiences like drought kit giveaways that will highlight the substantial benefits of West

Basin’s water use efficiency programs.

For drought updates impacting the West Basin, visit http://www.westbasin.org/drought. For water-saving

programs and tips, visit http://www.westbasin.org/conservation.

###Visit http://www.westbasin.org to learn more.


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