Culver City Fire Department Warns About Fake Inspectors


December 2, 2021

The Culver City Fire Department is warning local businesses about fake fire inspectors.

The fire department said it has received several reports from local businesses that individuals are falsely representing themselves as agents of the CCFD and they have been “intimidating businesses into paying for fire protection maintenance and inspection services,” including exit lights, fire extinguishers, fire sprinkler systems, smoke alarms and hood suppression systems.

CCFD said the fake inspectors often wear T-shirts with the word ‘FIRE’ on either the front or back and represent themselves as either members or agents of the fire department.

“These fraudulent individuals/companies may demand to conduct inspection/repairs and may make threats to close the business down, ask for cash payments, or walk out with the business's fire extinguishers and demand payment before they will be returned,” said CCFD in a statement. “Often, they will ask an employee to sign a piece of paper acknowledging the inspection and then use that signature to claim that the employee approved the service.”

The fire department noted that its members will always wear their complete uniforms while conducting annual business inspections, including their official Culver City Fire Department badge.

CCFD urges business owners to ask for documentation if they suspect inspect a fraudulent inspector in their premises.

If you have any questions or suspect fraudulent activity, call the Community Risk Reduction Division at (310) 253-5925.


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