2021 NFL Power Rankings – Week 11

Rams #5 - Chargers #11

1. Green Bay Packers (8-2): The only loss that the Packers have suffered since the opening game fiasco was against the Chiefs in Kansas City without Aaron Rodgers. After their win at Arizona and this weekend's shutout victory over the Seahawks, the Packers look like the new team to beat in the NFL. Next: -1.5 at Minnesota Vikings - Sun, Nov. 21 – O/U 47 (ATS: 9-1 – O/U: 2-8)

2. Arizona Cardinals (8-2): The Cardinals were without injured Kyler Murray for a second consecutive games and were also without wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins. The Cardinals were held to a season-low 169 yards in total offense in their blowout loss to the Panthers at home. Next: -2.5 at Seattle Seahawks - Sun, Nov. 21 – O/U 48 (ATS: 7-3 – O/U: 5-5)

3. Tennessee Titans (8-2): The Titans held on to win a close battle with the Saints in Nashville, 23-21. The Saints had a chance to tie the game with 1:16 left in the game, but a two-point conversion attempt failed. Next: -10 vs Houston Texans - Sun, Nov. 21 – O/U 44.5 (ATS: 7-3 – O/U: 6-4)

4. Dallas Cowboys (7-2): Someone was going to pay for the humiliation that the Cowboys suffered in their loss to the Broncos, and that someone turned out to be their next opponent, the Falcons. The Cowboys routed the Falcons, 43-3. Next: +2.5 at Kansas City Chiefs - Sun, Nov. 21 – O/U 56 (ATS: 8-1 – O/U: 5-4)

5. Los Angeles Rams (7-3): Losing wide receiver Robert Woods for the season hurt, even with the acquisition of Odell Beckham Jr. to the offense. Since joining the Rams in 2017, the former USC star has been an integral piece in the Rams passing attack, catching 367 passes, and has scored 28 touchdowns for the Rams. Next: Bye – Following week: N/A at Green Bay Packers - Sun, Nov. 28 – O/U N/A (ATS: 4-6 – O/U: 5-4-1)

6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-3): Linebacker Devin White had a terrific game against the Washington Football Team, with 18 tackles and two sacks in the loss to the WFT. Unfortunately, quarterback Tom Brady was not as terrific, with two interceptions in the stunning upset. Next: -11 vs New York Giants - Mon, Nov. 22 – O/U 49.5 (ATS: 3-6 – O/U: 5-4)

7. Buffalo Bills (6-3): The Bills found their offense against the Jets, gaining a total of 489 yards in offense and scoring 45 points in their blowout win. They cannot relax with the Patriots just a half a game behind in the AFC East. Next: -7 vs Indianapolis Colts - Sun, Nov. 21 – O/U 50 (ATS: 5-3-1 – O/U: 4-5)

8. Baltimore Ravens (6-3): The Ravens are coming off a shocking loss to the Dolphins in Miami, 22-10. The Ravens were not prepared for the constant variety of blitzes that the Dolphins threw at them. Next: -4.5 at Chicago Bears – Sun, Nov. 21 – O/U 45 (ATS: 3-6 – O/U: 5-4)

9. Kansas City Chiefs (6-4): The Chiefs are back! At least for this week. The Chiefs are back in first place in the AFC West after crushing the Raiders in Las Vegas. Their next opponent will be a significant challenge for the Chiefs. Next: -2.5 vs Dallas Cowboys - Sun, Nov. 21 – O/U 56 (ATS: 3-7 – O/U: 5-5)

10. New England Patriots (6-4): The signing of tight end Hunter Henry in free agency has worked well for Henry and the Patriots. Henry has caught 31 passes and has seven touchdown receptions through his first ten games. He leads all tight ends in the NFL in touchdown receptions. Next: -7 at Atlanta Falcons – Thu, Nov. 18 – O/U 47.5 (ATS: 6-4 – O/U: 5-5)

11. Los Angeles Chargers (5-4): The positive news for the Chargers is that they are hanging in the playoff race with eight games. If the season ended today, they would be the No. 7 seed. The negative news is that they are not playing like a team that will be in the playoffs. Next: -6 vs Pittsburgh Steelers, Nov. 21 – O/U 47 (ATS: 5-4 – O/U: 3-6)

12. Las Vegas Raiders (5-4): The Raiders have lost two in a row and might finally be feeling the fallout of all the controversial incidents that have occurred over the past month. The Raiders get another tough opponent this weekend at home. Next: +1 vs Cincinnati Bengals - Sun, Nov. 21 – O/U 50.5 (ATS: 4-5 – O/U: 5-4)

13. Pittsburgh Steelers (5-3-1): The Steelers, playing without quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, struggled to score points, and ended up in a 16-16 tie. The Steelers lost the turnover battle, 3-0, which helped keep the Lions in the game. Next: +6 at Los Angeles Chargers – Sun, Nov. 21 – O/U 47 (ATS: 3-6 – O/U: 2-6-1)

14. New Orleans Saints (5-4): Running back Alvin Kamara is a fantasy football favorite this season with the way the Saints have used him. Despite missing last week's game, Kamara leads the Saints in rushing yardage with 530 yards, in receptions with 32 and in touchdowns with six. He will be back this week, which will please fantasy football owners. Next: +2 at Philadelphia Eagles – Sun, Nov. 21 – O/U 43.5 (ATS: 5-4 – O/U: 5-4)

15. Cleveland Browns (5-5): Quarterback Baker Mayfield has a completely torn labrum in his left shoulder, a fractured humerus bone in the same non-throwing shoulder, a sore left foot, and a right knee contusion, yet he says he plans on starting this week. He should be on the sideline resting. Next: -11.5 vs Detroit Lions – Sun, Nov. 21 – O/U 43.5 (ATS: 5-5 – O/U: 6-4)

16. Cincinnati Bengals (5-4): The Bengals return from their bye needing to get back on track after two consecutive losses, one to the Jets and the other a blowout loss to the Browns. Neither loss was easy to get over and they do not want to lose this week in Las Vegas. Next: -1 at Las Vegas Raiders - Sun, Nov. 21 – O/U 50.5 (ATS: 4-5 – O/U: 4-5)

17. San Francisco 49ers (4-5): No matter how poorly the 49ers are playing, when they get on the field against the Rams, they suddenly become a great team. The Niners easily defeated the Rams on Monday Night, 31-10. It was the fifth consecutive win by the 49ers over the Rams. Next: -6.5 at Jacksonville Jaguars – Sun, Nov. 21 – O/U 45 (ATS: 3-6 – O/U: 5-4)

18. Minnesota Vikings (4-5): In every game they have played in this season, the Vikings have held at least a seven-point lead. Against the Chargers, the Vikings had a ten-point lead in the second quarter, the Chargers came back to take a four-point third quarter lead and in the fourth quarter the Vikings were again ahead by ten points as they defeated the up-and-down Chargers. Next: +1.5 vs Green Bay Packers – Sun, Nov. 21 – O/U 47 (ATS: 5-4 – O/U: 4-5)

19. Indianapolis Colts (5-5): Running back Jonathan Taylor is tied for the NFL lead in rushing yardage with Derrick Henry at 937 yards. Since Henry is done for the season with an injury, the NFL rushing title appears to be Taylor's to lose. The Colts have won four of their last five games behind the running of Taylor. Next: +7 at Buffalo Bills – Sun, Nov. 21 – O/U 50 (ATS: 6-4 – O/U: 6-4)

20. Carolina Panthers (5-5): The Panthers may have found their starting quarterback and his name is familiar. Cam Newton is expected to be named the start for this week in the Panthers games against the Washington Football Team and Newton's ex-head coach, Ron Rivera. Next: -3.5 vs Washington Football Team - Sun, Nov. 21 – O/U 43 (ATS: 5-5 – O/U: 3-7)

21. Denver Broncos (5-5): The Broncos rushed for 190 yards in their win over the Cowboys the week before. The Eagles turned the tables on the Broncos, rushing for 216 yards and holding the Broncos to 96 yards rushing in their victory over the Broncos. Next: Bye – Following week: N/A vs Los Angeles Chargers - Sun, Nov. 28 – O/U N/A (ATS: 5-5 – O/U: 2-8)

22. Atlanta Falcons (4-5): The Falcons are an enigma. They have been competitive in some games, and in other games, they just looked like they did not belong on the same field with their opponent. The 43-3 lost to the Cowboys this past weekend is an example of the latter. Next: +7 vs New England – Thu, Nov. 18 – O/U 47.5 (ATS: 4-5 – O/U: 5-4)

23. Seattle Seahawks (3-6): Pete Carroll has been the head coach of the Seahawks since 2010 and also holds the title of Executive Vice-President of Football Operations, which in effect makes him the General Manager. Maybe it is time for Carroll to step down from one or both positions. The Seahawks need a change. Next: +2.5 vs Arizona Cardinals – Sun, Nov. 21 – O/U 48 (ATS: 5-4 – O/U: 1-7-1)

24. Philadelphia Eagles (4-6): The Eagles went into Denver and easily defeated the Broncos. The Eagles rushed for 216 yards on 39 carries, as they fully committed to running the football and dominating the time of possession. Next: -2 vs New Orleans Saints – Sun, Nov. 21 – O/U 43.5 (ATS: 5-5 – O/U: 5-5)

25. Chicago Bears (3-6): The Bears have a four-game losing streak, but they got a much-needed bye as they prepare for their next opponent, the Baltimore Ravens. If the Bears are looking at film this week, and we hope they are, they will consider some blitz schemes against their next opponent. Next: +4.5 vs Baltimore Ravens - Sun, Nov. 21 – O/U 45 (ATS: 4-5 – O/U: 3-6)

26. New York Giants (3-6): The Giants had a bye from playing and losing, but they should get a taste of the latter this weekend when they visit the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Running back Saquon Barkley is healthy and will play this weekend. We will see how he feels after the game. Next: +11 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Mon, Nov. 22 - O/U 49.5 (ATS: 5-4 – O/U: 3-5-1)

27. Washington Football Team (3-6): The Washington Football Team had the offensive drive of the year, a 19 play, 80-yard drive that ate up 10:26 of the 4th quarter clock, culminating in a one-yard touchdown run by Antonio Gibson. The score gave the WFT a 29-19 lead with just 29 seconds remaining in the game. Next: +3.5 at Carolina Panthers – Sun, Nov. 21 – O/U 43 (ATS: 2-7 – O/U: 4-5)

28. Miami Dolphins (3-7): The Dolphins have a two-game winning streak after their upset victory over the Ravens. The Dolphins only rushed for sixty yards, but their two quarterbacks combined for 290 yards through the air, and they were helped by two Raven turnovers. Next: -3 at New York Jets - Sun, Nov. 21 – O/U 44.5 (ATS: 4-5-1 – O/U: 4-6)

29. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-7): The Jags reverted to their familiar and rather comfortable role of losing, as they fell to the Colts in Indianapolis, 23-17. Quarterback Trevor Lawrence continues to struggle in his rookie season. Lawrence has been so bad that he is actually rated lower than Jared Goff. Next: +6.5 vs San Francisco 49ers - Sun, Nov. 21 – O/U 45 (ATS: 4-5 – O/U: 2-7)

30. New York Jets (2-7): The Jets have the 2022 NFL draft to look forward to, with possibly two top ten picks in the first round. The challenge is to decide what area of the team needs the most help, since there is so much that is going wrong with this team. Next: +3 vs Miami Dolphins - Sun, Nov. 21 – O/U 44.5 (ATS: 2-7 – O/U: 6-3)

31. Houston Texans (1-8): The Texans are coming off a bye, which they will need as they prepare for their next opponent. The Texans travel to Nashville to take on the red-hot Titans. The Titans are without Derrick Henry, which will give the Texans a puncher's chance. Next: +10 at Tennessee Titans – Sun, Nov. 21 – O/U 44.5 (ATS: 4-5 – O/U: 4-5)

32. Detroit Lions (0-8-1): The Lions finally were able to avoid a loss, with the help of a strong running game and some timely turnovers, in their 16-16 tie with the Steelers. The Lions got little help from their starting quarterback, Jared Goff, who completed just 14 of 25 pass attempts for 114 yards and was sacked four times. Next: +11.5 at Cleveland Browns – Sun, Nov. 21 – O/U 43.5 (ATS: 5-4 – O/U: 3-6)


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