Vaccination Rate in Culver City Tops 90%

Still contending with the Delta variant, the Los Angeles County Public Health Department has reported the following Covid-19 totals for Culver City and LA County:

Cases in Culver City – 3,012 as of 11/11

Deaths in Culver City – 114 as of 11/11

Cases in LA County – 1,441 new cases on 11/11 (1,507,736 cases to date)

Deaths in LA County – 18 new deaths on 11/11 (26,814 deaths to date)

According to Public Health, 92.6% of Culver City residents over the age 12 have received at least one dose of the COVID vaccine as of November 1. That represents 32,779 residents.

Countywide, the vaccination rate is 80.2% and among seniors, aged 65 and older, the rate is 94.2%.

Health officials said there are 617 people with COVID-19 currently hospitalized in LA County and 27% of these people are in the intensive care unit. Testing results are available for nearly 9,207,000 individuals with 15% of people testing positive. Wednesday’s daily positivity rate was 1.3%.


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