Kid Reporters Watch as President heads Back to Washington D.C.

Charlotte Dichter, age 12

Kid's Scoop Media

On September 14th, I arrived at a private section of Long Beach Airport to cover the departure of Air Force One as a member of the press reporting for KidScoop Media. President Biden was leaving California after he had campaigned to vote "No" on the recall of California Governor Gavin Newsom. This was later determined as a success.

I walked into a gated area to see many different reporters readying their papers and statements. I was surprised to see many real-life Air Force One workers standing just a few feet away from me. I spoke to different reporters and asked them about what they would be reporting on. I found different people from KTLA and CNN. One reporter said they'd be reporting on what they saw and why the President was here in the first place. After I had spoken to others, I waited a bit until I saw a few cars drive closely to the plane. It shocked me to see two cars with the same license plate number that look the same. (I found later they do this to decrease the chances of the president being assassinated).

As they were approaching, I was gaping in awe as the whole entourage arrived. I kept trying to guess with everyone which car the President was in. The cars looped around to the big plane. He got out of a car and walked up the stairs to the plane. He gave a short wave and off he went. It was very captivating and quick.

The plane started turning and moving. I was unsure what the plane was emitting behind it. To my surprise, it turns out all the stuff coming out behind the plane was the dirt on the track. After the President had left, I came to the front of the gateway to exit. As we were leaving, my group ran into someone who worked as Secret Service! Her name was Tracy, and she was very impressive. She talked about how she went to many different places all over the world. She also spoke a lot about how you didn't need to go to a special university to become a secret service agent. She went to a university that sparked her interest before she even knew what she was going to be. I genuinely enjoyed this experience, and it was breathtaking to simply be there.

By Eligh Segura, age 9

Kid's Scoop Media

Today, on Tuesday, September 14 I saw President Joe Biden depart Long Beach Airport. First, we took pictures of Air Force One. It was super exciting to see Air Force One right in front of me. It is really big. Second, we saw a bunch of vehicles in a line protecting the President. They have two black limos to confuse assassins. Lastly, Joe Bien waved at us. It felt super cool to have the President wave at us. Also, I waved at a Secret Service agent and he waved back. I felt very happy. We met a Secret Service agent named Tracy and we asked her questions. Did you know that you just need a college degree to become a Secret Agent? It can be a degree in anything. I think it would be a cool job. I had a great adventure at Long Beach Airport that day.


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